The magic world of Kids’Ville welcomes you to organize the dreamed birthday party of your child….
Do you believe in magic? The magic that comes into your child's eyes, that soft flame that shines and sparkles, creating a moment of extreme happiness. 

The magic that makes it possible to travel in a world of incredible adventure on a pirate ship in company of the famous Captain Barbeville; to visit the land of beauty and grace while having tea with the wonderful Princess Mila or to discover a warm and festive atmosphere on the stage animated by the emblematic star Kids’girl.

By booking a birthday at Kids’Ville, you are giving your child a ticket to the imagination amongst sumptuous decoration and disguises where reality mixes with magic.

Your child will be the hero of a story full of emotions, puzzles to solve, challenges to undertake and many other adventures will await him.

Parents, spectators of this trip, will be able to meet and converse in peacefully atmosphere around refreshments and snacks served by attentive and competent staff.

The parties take place in our premises privatly (room and playground) every Saturday and Sunday from September to July from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

So do not hesitate any longer, come and travel with us too.
See you soon
The Kids’Ville Birthday Team